The health care workforce shortage is a critical concern and continues to be even more challenging especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare facilities of all sizes constantly need assistance with short- or long-term healthcare Human Capital solutions and services including but limited to Recruitment. From nurse and physician staffing to the top managerial roles, IdaratHR offers a wide range of healthcare Human Capital solutions and services often found in multiple medical staffing agencies – all rolled into one single strategic business partner. Looking to fill an immediate opening, or need full-time assistance managing all or part of your healthcare recruitment processes, Whatever the needs, trust IdaratHR to bring together expertise across functions, experience and resources to help you achieve your goals through recruitment partnerships.

Feature Title

  • Installers and technicians

  • Customer service representatives

  • Telephone operators

  • Telecoms engineers

  • Telecoms specialists

  • Telecoms sales

  • Telecoms managers

  • Marketing specialists

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