Web Designer & Smartphone Apps 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description:

•Experience with a minimum of 3 years in Adobe Design .Having certified certificates in advanced courses in the same field at the level of fixed design or Trans-converted design

• HTML/CSS/JS The ability to transform fixed designs into interactive designs across Installation and design languages (HTML/CSS/JS)

• The ability to convert and program Interactive designs across Different languages .Net Or PHP other languages Similar. The ability to create and develop smartphone designs.

•Required expertise:

•The ability to design pages Internet development and programming Mini-systems.

•High experience in all types of design programs with a minimum of 3 years of work.

•High tire experience in the field of design as a framework Bootstrap( Foundation, Photon Kit,),Pure CSS
The ability to analyze requirements and turn it into professional interactive designs.

•The ability to keep up with the latest developments and developments in Design field -Experience in creating and organizing Design files and put comments and clarifications for each page, design or Related content or media.

• Experience in developing creative solutions and professional designs for the system List or new.

• Mastery of Microsoft Systems And established web applications and commissioned via (IIS) Proficiency Dealing with open-source libraries at the design level Fixed and interactive.

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