VAS Engineer 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description:

§  Operation and maintenance of Tibco nodes 

§  Operation and maintenance of vordel 

§  Operation and maintenance of GTM (checks the application pools , and move the traffic to DR or Malaz (traffic distribution) 

§  Management Tibco hawk rules for monitoring 

§  Operation and maintenance of iproces BPM tool for marketing

§  Taking care of daily system checks 

§  Resolution of complaints raised by CC and noc teams

§  Follow-up with second line for open cases with pdu

§  Execution of activities for provided solution by second line for raised cases

§  Follow-up with hardware vendor for hardware failure till fix

§  LLD review and PAT execution with projects for new projects related to tibco ,vordel , BPM

§  Google traffic scrips from/To settlement/exception files SDF to google . 

§  Boku traffic scrips from/TO settlement/exception files from SDF to Boku 

§  Check the attach offer issue at FO in case the offer is not attach .

§  Check FO timeout issue in case there is timeout from FO 

§  Deploy new services through Tibco administrator. 

§  Deploy the required fix for the issue raised to L2 .

§  infrastructures in DR (CPU ,Memory ,HOST ,VMS,and cloud nodes)

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