Telecom Rigger

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Location: Riyadh, KSA


The Telecom Rigger is responsible to support Field Engineer/Technicians for the Operation, Maintenance, stability, and availability of Site Services provided by site equipment such as RAN antennas, MW antennas, IF/Power/Jumper Cables and outdoor Radio units and other equipment on tower.



·       Examine Objects to be moved, estimate their size, shape and weight and decide on the type of equipment necessary to move them.

·       Perform Site preventive maintenance as per Ericsson standards and report to onsite Engineer.

·       Inspect installation and fixation of MW antennas, RAN antennas, cable routings and weather proofing during Site acceptance and other daily site visits and share findings.

·       Inspect, Maintain, and repair power connectors, IF connectors, RF connectors.

·       Ensure that OHS safety requirements are always met.

·       Able to work in emergency situations like bad weather or other climatic disaster and special events like Hajj, Ramadan, Eid Alfitr and Eid AlAdha.

Professional/Technical Competence

·       Familiar with network hardware resources like ERS, RRUs, AIR SFPs, MW antennas, RAN antennas, TXM radios etc.

·       Familiar with Jumper cables, IF cables, Power cables and their interconnections.

·       Ability to work at heights up to 100 m Towers, Monopoles, COW etc.

·       Hands on experience with MW link alignment, Fine tuning, Xpic Alignment and LOS surveys.

·       Hands on experience of working with DC power and tools required for troubleshooting.

·       Familiar with installation standards, cable routings and hoisting techniques.

·       Experienced in using rigger tools required to replace equipment as per Ericsson standards.



Required Experience

·       Have a minimum 3 year of experience in as a Field Operations Rigger in a mobile network/Telecom environment


·       Basic in written and spoken English