Team Lead/Senior .NET Developer



Fluent with .NET Core.

Fluent with Asp.NET Core

Source Control

Fluent with git


Fluent with Microsoft SQL server

Good relational DB design principles

Good troubleshooting techniques using SQL profiling, execution plans …etc.

Good performance-related concepts related to isolation levels, query optimization, indexing strategies …etc.

Experience with DB mappers and ORMs.

Web Servers

Good experience with IIS.

Web, Http and REST

Solid web and http principles

Solid REST and SOAP experience

Excellent in dealing with json and XML formats and serializations


Knowledgeable about OWASP security top threads

Proficient with secure coding and proper exceptions handling

Experience in dealing with various security threats related to SQL Injection, XSS, Anti forgery, cookies, sessions …etc.

Cloudnative Skills

Knowledge in Docker