Sr. Elasticsearch and Kafka Administrator

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Must be highly motivated and demonstrate high level of initiative.

Attention to details, seeks to understand before prescribing a solution.

Experience writing excellent technical documentation

Keeping up with latest and greatest in development best practices, especially the latest services from Elasticsearch

experience building and maintaining ETL pipelines and processes.

Elastic Certified Observability Engineer is required Strong experience installing, configuring, deploying, and managing Kafka Confluent clusters

Proficient understanding of Confluent Kafka Architecture (Confluent Kafka preferred but Kafka acceptable)

Experience optimization and tuning of Confluent Kafka plant for peak performance.

Experience of Kafka Producer/Consumer Microservices concepts and Kafka distributed Architecture

Experience with Kafka Connect

Experience in managing and configuring Zookeeper Experience in confluent replicator Configuration to perform replication between the clusters in a multi- region environment

Strong understanding and experience with security implementations (e.g. SSL/mutual SSL, Kerberos). 5+ years overall experience with administrating Kafka clusters.

3+ years experience with end-to-end design and development of services for Confluent Kafka preferably in Java (Confluent Kafka preferred but Kafka acceptable)

Extensive knowledge of Confluent Kafka components including troubleshooting Experience upgrading Confluent Kafka versions

In-depth understanding of Confluent Kafka performance testing (by Confluent Kafka component) and best practices; with the ability to properly tune complex and high-traffic applications/systems

Model system behaviors using best practice methods for communicating architecture and design.

Familiar with 3rd Party Confluent Kafka Connectors (Confluent Kafka preferred but Kafka acceptable) Experience with building streaming applications with Confluent Kafka (Confluent Kafka preferred but Kafka acceptable).

Experience writing excellent technical documentation

Collaborative skills to work with others to ensure high quality, reliability, availability, and performance of Confluent Kafka solutions.

Self-directed and self-motivated with the ability to take charge or play a supporting role.

Ability to work & collaborate effectively in a team environment.

Clear written and verbal communications skills. Critical thinker and problem-solving skills.

Confluent Kafka Administration Certifications