Software Engineer 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description:

• The ability to design pages Internet and the development and programming of systems.

• High experience in all types of programming languages and development dose not less than 7 years old.

•The ability to analyze and design Requirements, programming and testing of systems and applications.

•The ability to design systems And how to connect different systems to each other.

•Sufficient programming experience and performance quality problem solving
and its height.

• Sufficient experience in creating, installing, and downloading software

• Sufficient experience in installing rules Data, storage procedures in SQL Server Environment, Oracle

• The ability to keep up with developments in programming.

• Experience in file definition And create it and put the sticks between them. And put protection to it and regulate it.
• Experience in developing solutions to problems Programs and problems with which programmers and users deal.

• Mastery of dealing with Microsoft IIS

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