Senior Elasticsearch & Kafka Administrator 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description:


  • Must be highly motivated and demonstrate high level of initiative.

  • Attention to details, seeks to understand before prescribing a solution.

  • Experience writing excellent technical documentation

  • Keeping up with latest and greatest in development best practices, especially the latest services from Elasticsearch

  • experience building and maintaining ETL pipelines and processes.

  • Elastic Certified Observability Engineer is required Strong experience installing, configuring, deploying, and managing Kafka Confluent clusters

  • Proficient understanding of Confluent Kafka Architecture (Confluent Kafka preferred but Kafka acceptable)

  • Experience optimization and tuning of Confluent Kafka plant for peak performance.

  • Experience of Kafka Producer/Consumer Microservices concepts and Kafka distributed Architecture

  • Experience with Kafka Connect

  • Experience in managing and configuring Zookeeper Experience in confluent replicator Configuration to perform replication between the clusters in a multi- region environment

  • Strong understanding and experience with security implementations (e.g. SSL/mutual SSL, Kerberos). 5+ years overall experience with administrating Kafka clusters.

  • 3+ years experience with end-to-end design and development of services for Confluent Kafka preferably in Java (Confluent Kafka preferred but Kafka acceptable)

  • Extensive knowledge of Confluent Kafka components including troubleshooting Experience upgrading Confluent Kafka versions
  • In-depth understanding of Confluent Kafka performance testing (by Confluent Kafka component) and best practices; with the ability to properly tune complex and high-traffic applications/systems

  • Model system behaviors using best practice methods for communicating architecture and design.

  • Familiar with 3rd Party Confluent Kafka Connectors (Confluent Kafka preferred but Kafka acceptable) Experience with building streaming applications with Confluent Kafka (Confluent Kafka preferred but Kafka acceptable).

  • Experience writing excellent technical documentation

  • Collaborative skills to work with others to ensure high quality, reliability, availability, and performance of Confluent Kafka solutions.

  • Self-directed and self-motivated with the ability to take charge or play a supporting role.

  • Ability to work & collaborate effectively in a team environment.

  • Clear written and verbal communications skills. Critical thinker and problem-solving skills.

  • Confluent Kafka Administration Certifications

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