Performance Engineer 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The MNS  Performance Engineer is assigned to work with analyzing and maintaining the performance KPIs of Core network. He has to act on network and relevant KPIs problems and to coach and mentor team members on daily basis and in emergency situations. It is the responsibility of the Experienced engineer to create and maintain services and network reports during the problem according to agreed timing and standards set, to detect and highlight network issues and to some extent predict future degradations.

·        The engineer’s Functional Role is typically working with Core,ITSC,MPBN and IMS Network Nodes KPIs.

·  Design the necessary Ericsson Business Objects SAP KPIs reports and for new KPIs based on Network Impact Reports (NIR) for the new SW release based on OSS[1]RC Technology Packages and Ericsson Network IQ (ENIQ) and  ENM

·        Have automation expertise in shell scripting, VB scripting, SQL, Python, Mongo DB, elk stack, angular, restapi.

·        Able to handle performance function using SAP BI and other analysis tools.

·        System problems are to be identified and rectified according to agreed timing in SLA.

·        Ensure the availability of the network to be at the highest possible level by ensuring that problems / degradations are handled swiftly, relevant performance parameters are interpreted and highlighted if deemed necessary.

·        Contribution in the creation and improvements of ideas, procedures and routines within the group/ department.

1                 General Competence

·   Fluent in written and spoken English

·   Excellent analytical thinking and troubleshooting skills.

·   Advanced communication and customer interaction skills.

·   Strong ability to work independently with minimum instruction or supervision, under pressure in a multi-tasking environment.

·   Flexible and responsive to changing work patterns and demands.

·   Business-minded, self motivated and highly pro-active.

·   Excellent coaching and mentoring skills.

·   Able to work as a member of a team and expected to lead by example.

·   Open approach to solving problems and dealing with new proposals.

·   Able to work flexible hours including nights and weekends.

2                 Technical Competence

·        International Network KPIs Performance and Quality analysis which includes:

NER, ASR, ACT, VoIP KPIs (MOS, Jitter, Packet loss, Delay) as per the SLA target values by conducting the necessary Root Cause Analysis for various traffic scenarios (Outgoing, Incoming and Transit)

-       International routes performance analysis for dimensioning routes capacity and selecting the best performing carrier per destination.

-       Maintaining and reporting Ericsson’s International Nodes (ITSCs, ISTPs) KPIs

·        Inbound and Outbound International Roamers analysis (LU, SAI, IMSI attach, PRN, data usage Steering platform etc…) focusing on Roaming Partners.

·        CS Core Network performance analysis (MSS, MGw, STP etc..) and highlight network bottlenecks for planning team consideration based on current and forecast figures especially during Hajj and Eid events.

·        MPBN transport Networks KPIs analysis

IMS performance analysis and  reporting  includes coordination with supporting related teams (Projects, Planning, OSS and Back Office) for network dimensioning and other activities related to 
·        Core Nodes, Software Upgrades, Hardware Expansion, new nodes deployment making sure relevant KPIs are maintained in the normal range.

·        Handling Anritsu MasterClaw System (probe based Network performance tool) by creating necessary reports for Core and  International KPIs, Dashboards

·        Configuration, Alarms setting and continuous thresholds tuning to the optimum levels to be up to date with the dynamic network changes

·        MVNO performance analysis

·        Supporting customer requests specially during special events during Hajj, Ramadan, Eid and  emergency cases.

·        Preparing MNS SLA report, Governance KPIs report and other reports for Top Management.

·        Design the necessary Ericsson Business Objects SAP KPIs reports and for new KPIs based on Network Impact Reports (NIR) for the new SW release based on OSS[1]RC Technology Packages and Ericsson Network IQ (ENIQ) and ENM

·        Provide Service Impact Reports (SIR) for incidents and activities analysis

·        Configure and maintain Performance Statistical Alarms for CS Core and IMS domains

·        Proactively identifying early warning signs for possible risks and take recommend a suitable preventive action to avoid potential service interruption or degradation on core network based on historical performance data and events

·        Ensure customer satisfaction by fulfilling contractual SLA KPIs and other KPIs.

·        Experienced in Multi-vendor environment including Huawei, NSN, Mobiluim.

·        Continuously looking for ways for performance and processes improvement and helping the operator to translate their expectation into measurable requirements and technical proposed solutions.


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