Open Data Management 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description :

·        Develop and maintain the organization’s Open Data agenda to track progress, achievements and challenges.

·        Track, monitor and measure the organization’s Open Data strategic objectives to ensure value is generated.

·        Collaborate with Cybersecurity and IT teams to ensure development of the organization’s Open Data platform in adequate manner.

·        Handle and support the organization’s ecosystem in all Open Data related requests or inquiries.

·        Develop and enforce the organization’s Open Data license in alignment with best practices.

·        Identify the organization’s Open Data demand based on benchmark exercises and ecosystem requirements.

·        Create and manage the open datasets inventory to ensure public dataset are identified, published & maintained in proper format.

·        Enforce/encourage the participation of the organization departments with open data practices.

·        Implement open data policies and procedures in alignment with NDMO requirements.

·       Ensure the organization’s Open Datasets are published on both the organization’s and KSA’s national open data platform.

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