IN BO Engineer

Cairo, Egypt

We are hiring, KSA branch-Full time shift- on site -#IN_BO_Engineer , We accept all nationalities even if you are outside KSA

Responsibilities :

  • The IN Engineer is assigned to work with troubleshooting / configuration / traffic measurements / performance of IN network.

  • He is to act on network and relevant equipment problems escalated from the surveillance function. It is the responsibility of the System Engineer to solve and correct service and network problems according to agreed timing and standards set, to detect and highlight network deficiencies and to some extent predict future degradations.

  • System problems are to be identified and escalated to corresponding system support units.
  • Furthermore the IN Engineer keeps the SW/HW status under control.
  • Also to contribute in the creation and improvements to procedures and routines within the department / group.
  • The IN Engineer is to take full responsibility for any changes introduced to the network or to any to any changes made to methods, processes or procedures, whether internal or external.
  • The IN Engineer category is vital in ensuring/keeping the performance of the network at the highest possible level by ensuring that problems / degradations are handled swiftly, that relevant performance parameters are monitored interpreted and highlighted if deemed necessary.
  • The IN Engineer should solve and correct service and network problems according to agreed timing and standards set.
  • Attend in technical meetings responsible for IN team activities.
  • Should make creation and improvements to procedures and routines within the department / group.

Technical Competence:

  • Very Good knowledge of all Charging system nodes, SDP, CCN, AIR, VS, ECMS, OCC, IVR & NgCRS.
  • Very Good knowledge on Tariff and RMA handling.
  • Very Good knowledge on IN Business Configuration.
  • VMware expertise - Advanced proficiency with vSphere, vCenter(6.x), vSAN/Data store/vSwitch and other VMware products and platforms(ESXI 6.x), Host Clustering with HA
  • Experience on HP 3PAR Storage Configuration(LUN, Volumes, CPG),Firmware upgrades and Operations, Capacity Planning for HP 3 PAR Storage.

  • Responsibilities include installation, upgrades, system patching, configuration and monitoring of virtualization servers( HP C7000, Gen 9 Blade Architecture), chassis management
  • Experience in Configuration of SAN Switches, Network Bay Switches on HP C7000
  • Virtual Machine Installation on ESXI using OVF .
  • Administration & Installation of Ericsson Charging system nodes(SDP/AIR/OCC/CSNMT) on Virtualized Hardware(HP C7000).
  • Understanding on Capacity planning, Network design & Network Impact for Ericsson CS Nodes.
  • Automation using SUF Playlist and Jobs for SDP Geo Redundancy setup ,Switchover and Fallback of SDP Traffic during disaster.
  • Excellent knowledge of Control Network, i.e. system, HW / SW, functionality, basic troubleshooting.
  • Excellent knowledge of the network topology, its traffic handling capabilities and traffic characteristics.
  • Basic knowledge in Ericsson Nodes (MSC/GMSC/STP/HLR).
  • Basic knowledge on Routing/Traffic Routing/ Nodes integration/ Triggering Tables.
  • Should be able to understand performance report.
  • Good experience in CSR handling.
  • Should have experience of HW & SW up-gradation.
  • Good knowledge of all network elements and their main characteristics.
  • Good / excellent knowledge of the Core Network management system functionality and application use, (surveillance, performance, configuration).
  • Conceptual Knowledge on OSS, GPRS and other related concepts.
  • Emergency Handling in Operator's GSM.
  • Good knowledge of network implementation / integration processes.

Activities :

• The main activities are the following:

• 2nd Level Restoration.

• Trouble Report Handling .

• Change Request Handling .

• Create and Update Maintenance Routines.

• Create and Analyses Performance Reports.

• Prepare and implement SW, HW and configuration data changes.

• Design/Implement tariff, service class etc.

• Investigate Disturbances.

Basic Skills :

• Good Knowledge in GSM/WCDMA .

• Good Experience in Systems Administrations of Linux OS.

• Good Experience on Database Administration Oracle.

• Good Experience on Unix Shell Scripting Skills .

• Programming Skills.

• IP Networking Knowledge.

• Linux HW knowledge.

• Systems Integration Knowledge.

General Competence:

  • Fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Be able to work independently
  • Flexible and responsive to changing work patterns and demands.
  • Open approach to solving problems and dealing with new proposals.
  • A thorough and methodical approach to work.
  • Must be able to work to tight time scales.
  • High degree of analytical and investigative abilities.
  • Focused on network (service) performance.
  • Should be able to work in shifts..