Field Service Incharge 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description :

·        Manage the available resources to ensure the proper and correctness of delivering the contractual obligations and achieve the desired PODs.

·        Put the general guidelines and governing rules for the team & ASPs to have smooth and effective O&M work.

·        Facilitate and standardize teams & ASPs work by providing the needed templates and reporting forms.

·        Monitor PIN monthly PMR progress concerning its various aspects (physical, WFMS and PIN visibility) and take the corrective actions whenever any deviation is noticed.

·        Monitor TTs resolution to ensure the contractual SLA is being met as well as other network KPIs.

·        Perform periodical analysis of TTs to review the quality of RTTS inputs (Root Cause & Repair Details), also to find out the repetitive equipment faults and plan for the repair.

·        Follow up the repetitive failures permanent solutions with teams & ASPs.

·        Facilitate and ensure the process creativeness of projects’ handover from NI to NO (New sites, Modernization or OPEX installation).

·        Prepare the monthly generator overhauling plan and follow it up throughout the final customer acceptance.

·        Acquire and consolidate the districts feedbacks and prepare the necessary status and performance reports.

·        Build up a reliable PIN data base and analyze the existing equipment to optimize the usage of the infrastructure components.

·        Follow up with all parties on theft and vandalism procedure to ensure that all incidents have been processed correctively.

·        Hold periodical meetings with the ASPs to review status reports, cure the shortages, correct the mistakes and come up with MOMs followed up on daily basis to achieve the desired level of smooth operation.

·        Manage any temporary hired third parties for specific assignments and ensure that the tasks have been accomplished according to standards.

·        Attend the meetings with various customer departments on all levels from NOC up to OGM meeting passing by region director and district managers as well as Technical Building Control and Operation Projects Control.

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