End To End Tester


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description 

CO-ordinate with E.T.E team leader as per Project and get MPLS design(As per site) from team leader which STC  provided to E.T.E team leader to get start testing.
If Aggr port is down then need to connect fiber as per TD.(TD provided by Team leader which he received from STC).
Tester need to get survey first at SDH node and get fiber length and type of fiber after that team leader request from W/H to get Materials with SFPs and provide to E.T.E tester.
MPLS design after receiving from Team leader tester will ping from SDH or if fiber connected to TN,ML they will ping from Far-end and configure all VLAN as per assigned TN,ML. 
Tester get any error they have to Informed Team leader to send back to STC for TS and correctness..
Schedule work force to complete the job according to the specifications as detailed in TD in an effective manner.
During testing if needed MDT should Informed to team leader  to get proper arrangement with STC to get approval.
Team leader if needed provide RN (Dark Fiber) to test between SDH to Hub site or up to far-end as per provided by STC.
E.T.E tester need to configure up to site and team leader test from OSS after test team leader declare site for Integration.
Promote quality methodology, awareness and positive management environment within the transmission team.
Planning for meeting very tight customer demands.
Meeting high customer expectation.
Adaptability in meeting changing work schedules.
Responsible for proper time reporting.