Distract Manager 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description :


·        Plan and daily follow up the execution of monthly PIN PMR and review the WFMS to ensure correctness of WO completing to avoid customer rejection.

·        Perform periodical quality audit to confirm that PMR is being conducted to the desired quality level.

·        Review the PIN visibility and ensure that all PIN equipment are visible to MNOC and uploaded to customer portal.

·        Supervise ASP field and RDC teams to ensure CMR TTs proper handling starting from TT creation throughout its closure in line with the contractual SLA.

·        Share his recommendations and practices to solve any equipment faults’ repetition.

·        Monthly audit ASP WH to confirm the availability of all needed spare parts according to the contractual POD.

·        Approve and follow up the execution of monthly generator overhauling plans.

·        Respond to all customer communications and request _within the contractual responsibilities_ and ensure customer satisfaction is met.

·        Supervise the process of handover of new installation and recommend the acceptance or rejection to STC counterpart.

·        Track the theft and vandalism incidents and follow up the implementing the agreed procedure.

·        Keep a solid database and tracking sheets for all PIN equipment.

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