Data Science 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Job Description :

·        Identify best practices and develop analytical modelling to apply it to the use cases development.

·        Provide data engineers with data requirements and needs to develop advanced analytics models.
·        Collaborate with business analysts to further detail the data and analytics use cases (Business and Functional Requirements Documents – BRD, FRD).

·        Develop and utilize algorithms and models for mining structured and unstructured data to generate business insights for a specific use case.

·        Conduct analysis and develop advanced analytical models to derive insights such as what if scenarios, hypothesis testing, causal analytics and forecasting models.

·        Assist in conducting regular tests on models developed to ensure they deliver insights accurately.

·        Ensure that the analytics models developed can easily be accessed by end users, are easily navigated, and can generate views to cater for stakeholder requirements.

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