Data Ecosystem Engagement 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description:

·        Identify and assess organization’s internal and external stakeholders such that the Data Ecosystem Engagement team collaborates and interacts with

·        Capture data related requests and demand from internal and external stakeholders, and prioritize it based on requirements, criticality and complexity

·        Maintain and implement internal and external engagement model to address the needs of the data community and involved stakeholders

·        Collaborate with organization’s partnerships team to identify, assess and activate data strategic partnerships that will lead to future collaborations

·        Oversee and handle organization’s data community by managing data governance boards, committees and relevant roles

·        Maintain the centralized repository that includes organization’s business data owners and data stewards and ensure smooth onboarding of any new data community member

·        Ensure awareness and adoption of the Data Management activities and practices through the development and implementation of change management and communication plan

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