Data Asset Management 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description :

·        Oversee the implementation of data management practices and domains across all organization departments, review and evaluate Data Management performance and effectiveness.

·        Support Data Governance team on the development of internal Data Management policies and procedures.

·        Develop and enforce data quality standardized methodology to ensure quality thresholds are achieved across the organization datasets.

·        Develop and maintain organization’s data catalog to ensure organization’s datasets are collected and published.

·        Engage with both Data Governance and Cybersecurity team to support on providing guidelines and policies around data management domains.

·        Ensure reference & master data integrity to enable a single source of truth and uphold data quality.

·        Engage and liaise with the organization’s Business and IT data stewards to manage the demand and align with relevant stakeholders to enable the data management activities and practices across the organization . 

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