Data Architect



 A Data Architect is someone who can understand all the sources of data and work out a plan for integrating, centralizing and maintaining all the data. He must be able to understand how the data relates to the current operations and the effects that any future process changes will have on the use of data in the organization. He needs to be able to have an end-to-end vision, and to see how a logical design will translate into one or more physical Databases, and how the Data will flow through the successive stages involved.
Data architect is usually skilled at logical data modeling, physical data modeling, data policies development, data strategy, data warehousing, data querying languages and identifying and selecting a system that is best for addressing data storage, retrieval and management.

8 - 10 years of relevant experience in a related industry
Strong knowledge in Databases (Relational, OLAP, Data Warehouse)
Data modeling tools (UML, Erwin, Info Sphere Data Architect and Visio)
Database management system software
Hadoop and NoSQL databases
User interface and query software (IBM DB2, Data Studio)
Backup/archival software
      UNIX, Linux, Solaris and MS Windows

*Experience: 8 -14 yrs