Cybersecurity Manager 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description:

• Manages all aspects of Cybersecurity, including our Cybersecurity products, Posture, Governance, Risk,

and Compliance.

• Develops strategic and tactical plans for risk management.

• Establishes the governance framework for information security to provide assurance that information

security strategies are consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

• Identifies key security initiatives and programs through a risk-based approach.

• Communicate new key security initiatives and risks to top management and stakeholders to ensure that

information risk is understood and identified.

• Monitors and report the performance of the security program to senior management.

• Advises management on the impact of the organization's key risks.

• Recommends mitigation controls for the organization's key risks and manage key projects.

• Analyses and correlate information security events to identify appropriate event handling actions.

• Assesses operational and implementation costs, and evaluate them against the potential business

impact if the policies and controls are not implemented.

• Assesses the effectiveness of the measures against security risk management plan.

• Develops IT security policy and operational procedures based on information collected.

• Develops a documented action plan containing policies, practices and procedures that mitigate the

identified risks.

• Document information related to IT security attacks, threats, risks and controls.

• Establishes and oversees a standard methodology for performing security tests in accordance with

security requirements.

• Establishes and oversees review procedures based on organization's security risk management plan.

• Evaluates effectiveness of current incident response plan against industry good practices.

• Evaluates response plans periodically to ensure relevance.

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• Identifies threats and risks that are relevant to organization's operations and systems.

• Monitors the effectiveness of action plans in addressing information risks.

• Obtains corporate management's endorsement of security policies, standards and procedures by

articulating cost and benefits.

• Performs comparative analysis of security service performance parameters against security information


• Prepares reports on information security performance based on results from analysis and correlation of

information security events.

• Rates and categorizes potential security incidents.

• Recommends suitable enhancements to improve information security performance.

• Reviews business and security environment to identify existing requirements.

• Reviews business and security environment to identify existing requirements.

• Test incident response plans periodically to ensure response times and executed procedures are


• Manages and monitors internal and external policy compliance

• Manages and monitors regulation compliance

• Coordinates with different department managers to review all departmental compliance policies.

• Performs periodic audits on company procedures and processes.

• Develops and maintains a security awareness program that effectively changes these behaviors so our

employees act in a secure manner, reducing the most risk to our organization.

• Identifies the top human risks to our organization and the behaviors we need to change to mitigate

those risks.

• Develops and maintains a security awareness program for our customers, partners, and affiliates.

• Prepares reports required by management board.

• Works with all divisions as well as external suppliers as necessary.

• Adheres to all our policies and procedures.

• Ensures personal development and certification target for CS Team Members according to department

needs and business growth.

• Maintains excellent customer relationship by meeting clients and suppliers in regular basis to discuss

performance and services reliability to meet customer expectation and satisfaction.

• Delegates CS tasks and maintains workload balance across the CS Team

• Evaluates CS Team Members’ performance and advises of areas for improvement.

Qualifications & Skills


• 5+ Years of relevant experience.

• Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, Telecommunications or relevant degree.

• Acts with integrity and value diversity.

• A natural relationship builder and networker.

• Displays Resilience and courage.

• Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority.

• Ability to impact operations and effect change without being confrontational.

• Flawless communication, presentation and negotiation skills.

• Works Collaboratively, Influence and Negotiate.

• Has technical product knowledge or specific domain expertise.

• Excellent market research and competitive analysis skills.

• Demonstrated success defining and launching products that meet or exceed the business objectives.

• Skilled in providing analysis and estimation of the strategic and financial value of new products and


• Good understanding of current market demands/trends and proven knowledge of software and

hardware-based solutions.

• Delivers results, demonstrate accountability, plan and priorities, think and solve problems.

• Experience leading and developing top performing teams.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

• Strong command of the Arabic and English Languages.

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