Confluent Kafka Architect 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Description :

  • Confluent Kafka Platform consulting, Platform architecture and implementation

  • Confluent Kafka Solution Architecture and implementation.

  • Experience in Confluent Kafka Capacity planning, installation, administration/Platform management and deep knowledge of Kafka internals

  • Experience in Confluent Kafka Cluster, Security, Disaster recovery, Data pipeline, Data replication, Performance optimization

  • Provide expertise and hands on experience working on Kafka connect using schema registry in a very high volume environment.

  • Provide expertise in Kafka brokers, zookeepers, KSQL, KStream and Kafka Control center.

  • Provide expertise and hands on experience working on Converters (Avro/Json) and Kafka connectors.

  • Provide expertise and hands on experience on custom connectors using the Kafka core concepts and API.

  • Working knowledge on Kafka Rest proxy.

  • Ensure optimum performance, high availability and stability of solutions.

  • Create topics, setup redundancy cluster, deploy monitoring tools, alerts and has good knowledge of best practices.

  • Create stubs for producers, consumers and consumer groups for helping onboard applications from different languages/platforms.

  • Ability to perform data related benchmarking, performance analysis and tuning.

  • Full lifecycle implementation from requirements analysis, platform selection and setup, technical architecture design, application design and development, testing, and deployment

  • Work as an individual contributor and or team player based on the projects

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