5G Core CS/PS Engineer 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


·        Lead or support in cloud system deployment, include software installation, configuration, integration, and testing.

·        Competence in both Openstack based cloud products (CEE), and container based cloud native products (CCD)

·        Knowledge in 3PP hardware infrastructure such as HDS/SDI, BSP, HP, Dell)

·        Knowledge in Native IP networking and software defined network (SDN)

·        Knowledge in storage solutions such as ScaleIO, Nexenta, CEPH

·        Experience in Virtual Machines internetworking

·        Deep Knowledge of Linux including extensive Hands on and Administration

·        Bash Scripting preferable (Shell, Python etc.)

·        Data center and effective management of IT infrastructure

·        Develop adaptation component according to customer solution requirement

·        Innovate and develop automation solution and tools for cloud deployment, integration and testing

·        Ability to drive technical discussion with customers and other colleagues, etc

·        Knowledge sharing with other colleagues


Key Qualifications:

·        Education: Academic degree, minimum on Bachelor level, in Computer Science or Engineering (IT, Telecom)

·        Strong experience in cloud solution and deployment, especially in Openstack or container related deployment or development

·        Good understanding of cloud storage solution, such as ScaleIO, Ceph.

·        Excellent understanding of Linux,

·        Excellent understanding for IP networking

·        Experience on Programing Languages like Python, Java is preferred

·        Good communication skills and team work spirit

·        Creative thinking and generate innovative ideas during work

·        Openness to support and coach others

·        Self-motivated to work extra-mile